Disposable Towels

Disposable towels offer a myriad of benefits, because they are individually wrapped and sealed you are assured that the towels are completely sanitary and have never been used. Everyone deserves their own clean, moist, and refreshing towel. This is especially true for clients in the service industry, most notably in the healthcare and hospitality industries where cleanliness and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance.

Ready Care disposable towels are sold in bulk and will last in storage for months. Our disposable refreshment towels are available both scented and unscented, and our scented options include lavender, lemon, and peach.

Our towels can be heated up or cooled down to serve a variety of purposes. Whether you’re cooling yourself down at a golf course, or pampering a patient at the spa, our towels have got you covered.

Single-Use, Disposable Towels – Get Yours Today!

Although our towels are disposable you’ll be amazed by the amount of refreshment you’ll get from a single use. Our disposable towels are crafted, moistened, and packaged following strict quality standards to ensure you are satisfied every time.

Our disposable towels are biodegradable and will ultimately save you time and money that would have otherwise been spent purchasing and washing re-useable towels. By design, our disposable towels are intended to be thrown away after a single use. This is done not only for sanitation and health reasons, but to also ensure that the same level of refreshment is delivered every single time.

Ready Care disposable towels are used in a wide range of industries. Visit our industry specific pages or contact us to learn more!