Soft, Soothing Cold Towels

After being out in the hot sun nothing beats a cool drink and a refreshing cold towel. At Ready Care we are pleased to offer our pre-moistened and scented cold towels! Our scented refreshment towels are individually packaged and are available in lavender, lemon, and peach. We also have unscented towels if you prefer.

Cold towels can be cooled to the desired temperature by storing them in the fridge or freezer (don’t store them in the freezer for too long). After the towels have reached the desired temperature, take them out, unroll, and enjoy!

Service industry uses

Cold towels are a great way to show your clients that you care. Your clients will feel special, and will certainly appreciate the gesture. Whether you run a golf course, gym, airline, restaurant, hotel, or dental clinic, cold towels will always have a use.

Cold towels can be used to:

  • Cool down and refresh guests at the hotel pool.
  • Soothe sore muscles at the gym.
  • Wipe off sweat at the golf course.
  • Refresh and clean yourself after a meal.
  • Reduce swelling at the dental office.

Contact Ready Care today to find out more ways you can benefit from our cold towels!