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Soothing Soft Cold & Hot Towels


Bringing the Refreshing Tradition of Oshibori Hot & Cool Towels to Canada!

Create a sense of trust in your valued customers by showing them that they are well taken care of. High quality, 100% North American-Made, 100% biodegradable, individually wrapped white towels. You choose whether you want heated or cooling towels!

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These Traditional Oshibori Hot or Cool Towels Offer Many Wonderful Benefits:

Environmentally Friendly & Non-toxic

100% cotton and 100% biodegradable. Lightly scented with natural essential oils for aromatherapy: Choose Lemon, Lavender or Unscented.

Convenient, Disposable & Sanitized

Compact, portable, pre-moistened disposable face towels, individually packaged and sealed. Easy way to clean up, relax, soothe muscles, or refresh and cool off. Can even be handed to clients on their way out the door for a lasting impression!

Therapeutic Heated or Cooling Towels

These moist towelettes can be offered as either heated or cool. Help your customers feel pampered, taken care of, and grateful. Completely microwave safe. With a monthly subscription we will offer you a FREE towel warmer!


 Actual Customer Reactions of Our Hot & Cool Towels


Our products are high-quality, luxury cloths that will make a lasting impression on your clients. For some real life reviews check out our social experiment video.

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100% Cotton 8"x8", 100% Cotton 9"x9", Synthetic 8”x9” Towel


Lavender Scented, Lemon Scented, Unscented


100, 1000, 1200, 1500, 200, 2400, 400, 50, 500


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