Restaurant Refreshment Towels

Ready Care is a hot and cold refreshment towel provider to restaurants across Canada

Ready Care restaurant hand towels are an essential part of any dining experience. Whether you operate a diner or a luxurious five-star restaurant, customer satisfaction and loyalty are always a top priority.

Showcase your hospitality by providing a refreshment towel when your customers arrive as well as after their meal to really spice up the experience. Your customers will be extremely grateful and your restaurant will ultimately cut down on napkin costs as well just by switching to our hand towels.

Scented, pre-moistened refreshment towels for the restaurant and hospitality industry

Give your customers the freedom to choose! Our restaurant hand towels are the gold standard of refreshment towels and are available scented or unscented. Our scented fragrances include lavender, lemon, and peach.

Are you ready to elevate the dining experiences of your patrons? Contact Ready Care today and ask us about our restaurant hand towel options.