Hotel Refreshment Towels

Ready Care is a hot and cold refreshment towel provider to hotels across Canada

At Ready Care we fully recognize that refreshment towels are a staple in the hospitality industry, and that is why we are proud to offer our exclusive line of hotel towels. Our hotel hand towels are compact, portable, and available in a range of options to suit the individual tastes of each of your guests.

We have lavender, lemon and peach scented towels, as well as the unscented variety!

Our hotel hand towels are individually packed and sealed in an easy to open wrap and are always moist and refreshing.

Endless possibilities!

At any hotel or motel there are countless uses for our refreshment towels. Hotel hand towel can be distributed:

  • In guest rooms and washrooms.
  • Poolside.
  • At the bar or restaurant.
  • In your business center or conference rooms.
  • At the spa.

When you use hotel hand towels from Ready Care your impact will be known, and your guests will leave feeling energized and refreshed!

Are you are interested in five-star refreshment towels for an unbeatable price? Contact Ready Care today and ask us about our hotel hand towel options.