Golf Course Refreshment Towels

Ready Care is a hot and cold refreshment towel provider to golf courses across Canada

A towel at the golf course is sometimes almost as vital as the clubs themselves. With Ready Care’s golf course hand towels, you’ll always be equipped and prepared to handle sweat, water, dirt, grass and any other deterrents you might come across on game day.

Our golf course hand towels are individually wrapped to avoid contamination and lock in moisture. The towels are also designed to be small enough to allow golfers to carry multiple refreshment towels in their bags.

Lavender, lemon, and peach scented towels, as well as unscented golf course hand towels are available.

Fresh, scented, pre-moistend refreshment hand towels for the golf course industry

Our golf course hand towels are individually packed and sealed in an easy to open wrap and are always moist and refreshing.

Distribute your refreshment towels in the following places to help your members feel pampered and respected:

  • At the pro shop.
  • In golf carts.
  • At reception.
  • At the bar or restaurant.

Want to help your members knock off a few strokes? Contact Ready Care today and ask us about our golf course hand towel options.