Dental Refreshment Towels

Ready Care is a hot and cold refreshment towel provider to dental clinics across Canada

Dental hand towels are the perfect way to help a patient feel at home when they enter your practice! At Ready Care we understand that it’s very important for dental care practices to ensure that all patients are comfortable, at ease, and given the level of attention that they deserve.

Our dental refreshment hand towels can be used to not only clean and refresh, but also leave a lasting impression with your patients. Towels can be provided prior to treatment in your reception area, as well as after the treatment. In fact, it’s been shown that the heat and moisture of a hot towel not only helps you feel comfortable, but can also help an anesthetic last longer after a procedure!

Dental refreshment hand towels can be administered cold or hot depending on preference, are single use, and are biodegradable. We also offer portable dental hand towel warmers that can be used to warm up your towels cheaply and efficiently.

Four different dental hand towel options are available to cater to your needs!

  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Peach
  • Unscented

Are you interested in enhancing the dental experience of your patients? Contact Ready Care today and ask us about our dental hand towel options.