Airline Refreshment Towels

Ready Care is a hot and cold refreshment towel provider to airlines across Canada

With Ready Care airline refreshment hand towels any traveler can feel like they’re in first class. Our airline hand towels will help your customers feel pampered; whether they’re distributed on a bus, long haul flight, or luxury cruise ship, the same level of satisfaction and gratitude will be felt.

Our airline hand towels offer comfort, and refreshment, while also being incredibly convenient. The portability and range of options offered means that you can stock up and provide your customers with many choices! We have lavender, lemon and peach scented towels, as well as the unscented variety.

Sanitary, pre-moistened refreshment towels

Our airline refreshment towels can be served hot or cold and are completely sanitary. Each towel is individually wrapped and sealed and can be disposed of after use.

Our airline refreshment towels provide ample flexibility and will really show customers your level of devotion. Offer the towels before, with, or after meals, as well as throughout the flight to allow travelers to clean their hands and face so they can feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Do you want your business to soar above the competition? Contact Ready Care today and ask us about our airline hand towel options.