Environmentally Friendly & Non-Toxic
Oshibori Style 100% Cotton Biodegradable Towelettes, making them gentle on your skin and environmentally friendly.

Convenient, Disposable & Sanitized
Disposable hand towels for easy single-use. Individually packaged, pre-moistened, compact and portable hygienic white towels.

Therapeutic Hot or Cooling Towels
Individually sealed moist towelettes that never dry out! Prefer the luxury of comforting heated cloths or cool refreshing towels? You are covered!

Luxurious Scented White Towels
Pamper Your Customers! Delivered in your choice of Unscented, Lemon, or Lavender Towels.

100% Made in the USA
Refreshing American Made Oshibori Towelettes, so you can be sure that our products are fair trade.

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Your Clients Will Feel Truly Taken Care Of

As a successful business owner you know how important it is to instill a feeling in your clients that you are taking good care of them, and that they are special to you. It creates a sense of trust that will keep clients coming back, and recommending you to their friends.

Our mission is to help you instill a sense of gratitude and trust in your valued clients.

Luxurious Disposable Towels

Create a sense of trust in your valued customers by showing them that they are well taken care of. High quality, 100% North American-Made, 100% biodegradable, individually wrapped white towels. You choose whether you want heated or cooling towels!

Our Unique Therapeutic Hot or Cooling Towels

We are the only Canadian company that delivers North-American-Made, biodegradable hot and cold cloths. Our unique, high-quality moist towelettes bring the Japanese tradition of Oshibori to our Canadian clients.

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Our products are high-quality soft luxury towelettes that your clients will love.

But don’t take our word for it. Watch as we hand out our hot towels to regular people (not actors), and hear what they have to say!

Are Ready Care Oshibori Towels Right For You?

  • Dental Offices
  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Gyms
  • Restaurants
  • Golf Courses
  • Airlines
  • Cruise Ships
  • Fitness and Rehabilitation Centers
  • and more!

The ease of use makes them a perfect solution to save yourself valuable time and energy while offering your clients the pampering luxury of their own comforting hot, or refreshing cool towel.
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